Seminars and Workshops

Post-Presentation Seminars, Workshops and Community Outreach Projects are strongly recommended to all audiences, and are designed specifically to meet the needs of your community. The meetings provide a comfortable and constructive space in which audience members speak together about and engage in exercises related to the HERvoices presentation recently seen.

Seminars, Workshops and Outreach Projects begin with reflections on the HERvoices presentation and move to reflections on the audience’s community. Voice-exchange and personal testimony exercises are introduced in all, with community presentations put on in the longer meetings. Discussions and activities focus on topics including: voice/being heard; gender and gender relations; misunderstanding and tolerance; nonviolent resolution; and global relations.

Seminars take place in a one to two-hour time period; Workshops are either a half-day or full-day long; and Community Outreach Projects last one week or longer.