HERvoices shares its presentations with diverse audiences, including those at schools, libraries, museums, houses of worship, community centers, book groups and corporations. (Click here for a list of past venues.)

The intimacy and immediacy of HERvoices’ multimedia presentations inspire the evocation of in-person meetings between people who would never otherwise have the opportunity to meet each other. The goal is one of reciprocity, benefiting those who are in the presentations and those who see the presentations.

Each of HERvoices’ presentations is roughly one hour in length and includes a proceeding Q&A session with the producer and recommended follow-up activities such as Seminars and Workshops. All presentations utilize live audience members as readers of parts of the profiled women’s testimonies. Additional consulting services are available for groups and individuals.

HERvoices: From Sindh (2005 - )
HERvoices: Survivors of Contemporary Slavery (2006 - )
HERvoices: Framingham, Massachusetts (2008 - )
HERvoices: Wajir’s Peace Group (2009 - )

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