HERvoices: Framingham, Massachusetts
A Dialogue between Neighbors

Recommended for ages 12+

For centuries, the U.S. has drawn new residents from all over the world. As immigration of all kinds and for all different reasons continues to bring people to the U.S., our communities are becoming increasingly diverse. Along with the resulting benefits, towns also experience challenges associated with these changes.

In the 66,000-person town of Framingham, Massachusetts, twenty miles west of Boston, social tensions and perceived differences are sometimes a challenge, particularly between two communities that are ostensibly working together towards the ongoing development of the town: the Brazilian residents and the residents whose families have been in the town for many generations. The HERvoices: Framingham, Massachusetts project provides a forum for these two communities, and the many others in Framingham, to share their thoughts with each other, so to continue building constructively towards a deeper understanding and appreciation of everyone in the town - despite and in celebration of each group's and each individual's differences and commonalities.

HERvoices: Framingham, Massachusetts is a collection of personal testimonies from women and girls in Framingham composed into a participatory, multimedia presentation that involves live audience readings of some of the profiled women's testimonies. The testimonials emphasize the humanity of the interviewees - their childhoods, their daily rhythms and concerns, their hopes and struggles, their thoughts on their town and their country, peace and war...After participating in this program, audience members will feel as though they have actually met the women profiled in the program. They will leave the presentation knowing diverse viewpoints of people living in Framingham - and in their own communities. An environment of increased empathy and understanding will be fostered further in Framingham and other communities and towns that are similarly diverse.

Grants from Crossroads Community Foundation and the Sudbury Foundation, as well as funding from numerous individuals including Kathy and Ernie Herrman, has provided support for this project. This presentation is currently available for bookings. Please contact us for more information.

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