HERvoices: Wajir's Peace Group
The Women-Led Peace Group in Wajir, Kenya

Recommended for ages 14+

In the Northeast corner of Kenya, where the majority of Kenyan citizens are ethnically Somali, three tribes engaged in violent warfare over sparse resources and controversial traditional/colonial geographical boundaries throughout the 1990's and early 2000's. In the small town of Wajir, in the Wajir district, a predominantly nomadic region inhabited by pastoralists, a group of women emerged as the leaders of a successful, nonviolent, and collective peace.

"When the fighting came to the marketplace and restricted trading between the women, we knew we couldn't wait for the men to stop the conflict," explains one of the founders of the cross-clan movement. "If your house is on fire, do you wait for someone else to put it out? No, you move quickly and do what you can."

Wajir's movement is a remarkable story of a group of women, normally marginalized in a predominantly Muslim community, who directed their community through an inclusive and effective, nonviolent peace process.

“We held a Peace Festival long before there was peace,” recounts one peace leader. “We honored some of our most violent clan leaders -- as Peace-Makers! So they hiked up their boot-straps and started acting like Peace-Makers!”

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HERvoices: Wajir's Peace Group profiles the women and girls who led the movement and continue to experience its lasting success. It begins touring in 2007. Please contact us directly for more details and to book your venue.

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