HERvoices: From Sindh, Credits

"Dr. A," Profiled Interviewee
"Anam," Profiled Interviewee
Paolo Biagi, Contributing Photographer
Melanie Braverman, Voice and Audio Advisor
Kevin Cotter, Logo Design and Technical Support
"Hajran," Profiled Interviewee
Noor Afroz Khowaja, Research Support
"Mahanta," Interviewee
Kanwal Memon, Profiled Interviewee
Zubaida Metlo, Research Support
Catherine Milligan, Content Advisor
Eva Moran, Venues Coordinator
"Perah," Profiled Interviewee
Lila Ram, Research Support
Emma Reinhardt, Researcher and Producer
Emily Rickards, Venues Coordinator
"Professor Sahar," Profiled Interviewee
Bob Seay and WOMR, Audio Assistance
"Ms. Seeta," Profiled Interviewee
Abdullah Soomro, Research Support
Shanny Spraus, Venues Coordinator
World Sindhi Institute, Production Support
"Mrs. Zainab," Profiled Interviewee
More than forty other Sindhi women and girls who shared their stories

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