HERvoices: From Sindh
Personal Testimonies from Women and Girls of the Sindh Province of Pakistan

Recommended for ages 12+

After Partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947, the Sindh region in the Indus River valley was divided between India and the newly formed Pakistan. Along with other ethnic groups in the subcontinent, the Sindhi community was split apart: Generally, the Hindu Sindhis fled to India and the Muslim Sindhis stayed in what became Pakistan. Thus, the majority of Sindhis who live in Pakistan today are followers of Islam, and Sufis, devoted to nonviolence, tolerance, and nature.

In HERvoices: From Sindh, a beautifully simple slide-show presentation, Sindhi women and girls share their ideas about education, motherhood, being a woman in the Sindhi community of Pakistan, developments in Sindh, global relations, and war. “Will we be next,” one young woman asks as she reflects on what was, at the time, the “imminent war in Iraq.” Another woman, struggling in a poor family with a domineering husband, explains: “I am proud to be a woman though because I can understand the needs of my daughter.”

HERvoices: From Sindh was developed by Emma Reinhardt with the support of the World Sindhi Institute (WSI). Throughout 2003/04, Emma and WSI toured "Her Voices from Sindh," an inspiration for this project. HERvoices' presentation, HERvoices: From Sindh, has now been seen by over 5,000 people all across the United States and England.

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