Our History

HERvoices, Inc. was founded in October 2004 by Emma Reinhardt. In September 2005, HERvoices was named a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity organization.

From the time of its inception, HERvoices has been directed entirely by a strong team of volunteers, including Emma and others on the Board of Directors.

Prior to founding HERvoices, Emma worked as the director of numerous human rights advocacy and nonviolent conflict strategy organizations. Throughout, she noticed a dearth of - and a great need for - safe platforms from which the individuals being advocated for could speak candidly.

From the Muslim Somalis she lived with in Wajir, Kenya, to the female delegations from Armenia/Azerbaijan, Israel/Palestine, and N. Ireland she worked with at Women Waging Peace, Emma learned that marginalized women - even those raised in violent contexts - can and do nonviolently increase tolerance and minimize bloodshed when permitted to speak out. She also learned that few of these voices and invaluable messages ever reach the mainstream public. Her conviction that everyone could benefit immensely from these voices and perspectives being public propelled, and propels, her work.

As the advocacy director of the World Sindhi Institute, she designed and toured "Her Voices from Sindh," an outreach project and presentation to involve previously-excluded Sindhi women and girls in the Sindh campaign for human rights. The success of "Her Voices from Sindh" in early 2004 provided inspiration for founding HERvoices.