Our Mission

As our communities become more diverse, and as misunderstanding too often leads to intolerance, HERvoices’ presentations introduce the unknown ‘others’ across the room, and around the world, to you.

HERvoices’ mission is to facilitate cross-cultural knowledge, openness, empathy and understanding by empowering and amplifying the voices of underrepresented women and girls. Through HERvoices’ presentations, participants become more sensitized not only to the participation and inclusion of women and girls in their own communities and others, but more generally to all of those in their spheres whom are left out in some way, and/or whom are not free or able to participate candidly and publicly.

Our mission was founded on a philosophy of reciprocity and exchange: Sometimes, just speaking about your life can inform you of your own importance; and, often, hearing about her life can resolve something in you and remind you of your humanity.