What We Do

HERvoices works with and collects personal testimonies from communities of underrepresented women and girls to develop participatory, multimedia presentations which are shared with diverse audiences, including those at schools, libraries, museums, houses of worship, community centers, book groups and corporations. (Click here for booking details.)

At each venue, female members of the hosting community (female students at a school presentation, for example) act as the live readers of the profiled women's testimonies. The process is one of exchange and reciprocity through which the women and girls profiled, as well as the audience participants, all experience a sense of empowerment, connectedness and increased awareness of themselves and others. Those profiled have the opportunity to share their ideas candidly and safely; readers are empowered by their opportunity to speak publicly and on behalf of someone else; and the audience feels immediately connected to the profiled community, whom they are 'meeting' through their peers' voices. Following the presentation, HERvoices facilitates and/or provides materials for seminars and workshops, including a Q&A discussion which immediately proceeds the presentation.

While HERvoices' presentations are composed entirely of female voices, they are designed and intended for men and boys, as much as for women and girls. The presentations effectively engage all participants ages twelve and up, and create a comfortable, inclusive environment for everyone.

HERvoices also offers consulting and coaching services on issues and interests related to gender and the empowerment and inclusion of those within and outside your community.